Get rid of Lupus symptoms with cannabis

Lupus is a systemic disease, which affects many systems in the body. It is actually an auto immune disorder, which means that it is caused because of the changes in the immune system of the affected person. When the immune system is affected, it leads to severe problems and certain reactions occur in the body. Though several medications are tried to control these reactions, they may not subside soon because the immune system status cannot be altered easily. Cannabis or marijuana is a substance that has been advocated in medical use recently. Though it has existed as an alternative treatment for several centuries, it was banned a few decades back. Now, it has recently been studied in detail for beneficial and detrimental effects.

Medical literature shows that the medical benefits of marijuana are much more than the complications and problems caused by it. unique marijuana like Bubblelicious and Other Skunk Seeds . The role of this medicine in the treatment of immune system disorders as well as chronic diseases has been well documented. Medical marijuana can help in the effective treatment of lupus as well as the various symptoms and complications of this disease.

1. Reduces inflammation: Lupus can cause inflammation in the joints as well as various other organs of the body. These inflammatory reactions are caused because of the altered immune system. Medical marijuana is an agent that leads to reduction in the inflammation. It is effectively used as a non steroidal anti inflammatory agent. So, the various inflammatory reactions in the body will subside with the use of this drug.

2. Gets rid of joint pain: Joint pain is very severe and occurs with inflammation in the joints. Arthritis is a common complication of this disease. So, when medical marijuana is used as a treatment option for lupus, it helps in reduction of joint inflammation and reduction in the joint pain. Cannabis is an effective analgesic and helps in relieving pain, boosting movement and reducing activity limitation.

3. Effective immune system booster:Cannabis is a medicine that helps in boosting the immune system. The medication has the effect of anti oxidants. An anti oxidant is beneficial to the body because it helps in reducing the free radicals in the body and helps in controlling chronic infections and diseases. Cannabis helps in getting rid of the free radicals and thus boosts the immune system. This leads to reduction in the other symptoms and complications that are commonly caused by lupus.

Though lupus can be a very serious and severe disease, the effects of this debilitating disease are reduced by cannabis use.

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Complications Post Ischemic Strokes Reduced By Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is one of the most important medicines that are used in the rehabilitation of a person who has been affected by ischemic stroke. There are two different types of strokes commonly known. They are hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic stroke. In the hemorrhagic stroke, there is bleeding from the blood vessels. So, the use of medical marijuana is not indicated usually. On the other hand, when a person has suffered from ischemic stroke, it means that there has been a block in the artery leading to the brain. To treat this condition, medical marijuana may be useful because it is a vasodilator. When there is increase in the size of the blood vessel because of the dilation, it helps in pumping blood to the brain. Medical marijuana helps in the normal flow of blood through the arteries to the brain.

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Other complications of ischemic stroke treated with medical marijuana

There are also many other complications of ischemic stroke that can be treated with medical marijuana as seen here.

1. Reduction in inflammation: Inflammation in the brain is one of the common complications after a person is affected by stroke. When the inflammation persists, the damage will be more severe and there could be lifelong complications. The rehabilitation will also become slower f the inflammation persists for long time after occurrence of stroke. The use of medical cannabis will help in reducing the inflammation and aid in healing.

2. Improvement in blood supply: There is damage to the brain because of the decreased blood supply. The occlusion or block in the brain is the primary reason for ischemic stroke. The improvement in blood flow brought about by the vasodilatation effect of medical marijuana will help n quicker blood supply to all areas of the brain and will help in preventing more damage. It will also help in quicker rehabilitation after stroke.

3. Healing of damaged brain: The brain damage caused by ischemic stroke can cause scarring. This can cause further complications and reduce chances of successful recovery. The use of medical marijuana in the treatment after an ischemic stroke will help in quicker healing of the damaged brain tissue. It will also help in preventing of scarring and prevent permanent disability.

4. Reduced spasticity: Spasticity can be one of the complications after ischemic stroke. This will lead to some delay in rehabilitation and some permanent damage too. Medical marijuana is a well known and popular muscle relaxant that helps relive spasticity. So, it is very useful in preventing post ischemic stroke complications.

Case study: Self destructive rage of Boy with Autism controlled with Medical Marijuana

A boy presented to a developmental therapist with autistic behavior and his parents had tried many different therapies. The fact that none of these treatments were able to help him was a stunning reality to the parents that they might have to live with this kind of disease for many years to come. When parents know that their kids will not get better even with proper treatment, it is as if they are hit by a sledgehammer. With this reality in mind, they did not want to stop trying and brought the child to the therapist for further evaluation and treatment.

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The symptoms that the child had included hyperactivity and destructive rage. The child could be really destructive and even be quite aggressive towards his siblings. Some physicians wanted the child to be sent to an institution and others advanced that the child be isolated from the other siblings. The parents were on their wits end when they decided to try out something that they had only heard about and this was the treatment of autism and related rage with medical marijuana.

Effect of medical marijuana on autistic boy:

1. Reduced rage: The first effect that the parents found after their autistic child was treated with medical marijuana was that the destructive rage that the child had displayed reduced within a few days. This change amazed the parents who had been struggling with different doses of various medications that had little or no effect on their child. The amazing change of trend made the parents to start calling up their friends and let them know. They also started telling parents of other autistic child about the changes and these parents who were once skeptical of using medical marijuana started becoming the main propagators of the medicine.

3. More concentration and Better control: It was also noticed that the autistic child had more control over his life. He became more organized and disciplined too. The main reason that is attributed to this change is the growth of fresh neurons that were stimulated by the medical marijuana. Not only does the use of medical marijuana control the release of excessive signals from the brain, but it also stimulates new neuronal development. The use of medical marijuana also helps to ensure that the brain functions become normal. The changes that happen in autistic children are simply unbelievable and give the parents a ray of hope after months and years of struggle and despair.

Medical marijuana is now being used by more parents who are all seeing positive effects of the medicine on their kids.

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